You Survived – “That’s Enough” – How a Line from Dunkirk Speaks to Abuse Survivors

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This past weekend, the wife and I went to see the new Dunkirk movie by Christopher Nolan. I’m not going to write a movie review, … Continued

An Important Reminder About Social Media and Privacy

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I’ve mentioned this in the past, but in the last week, I’ve had another stark reminder that not everyone is in a place where they can simply share with their social networks the fact that they are a survivor of … Continued

Rock Bottom Revisited – A Personal Story

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Earl K. Long Hospital, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Jan. 1997. Many people who’ve been through mental health issues, addiction, and so on, refer to “rock bottom”, that one place in time when things got so bad, they couldn’t get any worse. … Continued

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