You Don’t Expose Truth By Spreading Lies

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I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the survivor community recently, and finally decided to say something about it after a recent post on Facebook this past weekend. The trend is of spreading “news” from clearly fake news websites in order … Continued

Intention and How Social Media Robs Us Of It

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I wrote about this video on my tech blog earlier this week, because websites, social networks and pretty much everything on the internet is in constant battle for our attention. In the video, Tristan Harris talks about our intentions, and … Continued

You Survived – “That’s Enough” – How a Line from Dunkirk Speaks to Abuse Survivors

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This past weekend, the wife and I went to see the new Dunkirk movie by Christopher Nolan. I’m not going to write a movie review, nor will there be any spoilers, but one interaction toward the very end of the … Continued

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