Happy memories

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I was reminded yesterday that, despite everything that went on in my childhood with the abuse, the lack of self-exteem, the depression, etc. there were actually some happy times. We went to see Miracle yesterday, the movie about the 1980 Olympic hockey team. I was 11 years old when those games were played, and I can still remember how awesome it was to watch that bunch of college kids beat the Soviets. I was also reminded that all I wanted to do after that was play hockey. Normally after hockey season was over all us neighborhood kids would switch over to baseball or other sports, but not 1980. We spent that entire summer playing roller hockey, no matter how hot it got! I think I spent at least part of every day of that summer vacation on skates, pretending to beat the Soviet team. It was my escape, my happy refuge from everything else that was going on, and I cherish every minute of it.

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