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My wife, and a bunch of her friends, have been using the social network Pinterest for awhile now, and being involved in the online community, I couldn’t help but notice how popular it is becoming. Always being one to want to check out new online tools, and a bit of a geek, I knew eventually I would give in and try to understand what all the fuss is about.

The one mental hurdle I needed to get over what that Pinterest was mostly for sharing recipes and fashion tips. Oh there’s plenty of that, but you won’t find that on my profile. 😉

I did, however, think that Pinterest could be an interesting way to share some resources, and reading recommendations, for abuse survivors. They are still in the early phases, (at this point I’ve shared a couple of resources and have added a few of the books we’ve reviewed on the News and Reviews site in the last few months to the pin boards.), but if you’re a regular Pinterest user, you can either follow my profile, or just the pin boards aimed toward survivors.

It’s all part of trying to take some of the things we share here to you, wherever you are online. You can also check us out on other social networks:

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