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Flipboard Magazine

If you are a Flipboard user on your iPhone or iPad, you can now get all the content from this site, as well as various links that I share throughout the week, in the Child Abuse Survivors magazine.

You can subscribe in the app, or on the web, and then follow along with the things that are being shared here and among many other resources covering all kinds of topics, in an easy to read online magazine type layout. I use Flipboard on my iPad as a way to see what my Twitter followers are sharing, as well as the “big” news over the subjects that interest me.

If you have a Flipboard magazine that is also sharing information of interest to abuse survivors, let us know in the comments!

Now on Tumblr Too

Tumblr IconIf you’re a regular Tumblr user, you can now follow this blog, including all of our posts, on our tumblr blog. Right now it just has a link to the latest posts up, but eventually I’d like to start getting involved with other survivors over there, the same way that we do on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, currently.

If that’s your place to hang out and you want to keep up with the site, by all means, follow us over there –

Using Tags

Thanks to my discovery of Simple Tags recently, a WordPress plugin that helps you add tags to old posts, I’ve been doing just that on this blog.

Now, what that means to you might not be much, but it allows me to have another way to present the content here to you. Initially, I had simply created a couple of categories and figured I’d let that be the way you browse posts on the same subject, but over the course of 12+ years of blogging, those categories have become overwhelming. Simply saying here are the posts about child abuse, or depression, is too much now. So Simple Tags helped me broaden the horizons, if you will, and start to use keywords to tag posts and then be able to bunch them up together for you to peruse.

For example, if you wanted to see all the posts where I mention healing, there’s a link for that.

On any post that has tags, you’ll see it toward the bottom, and the tags will be linked to other posts with that same tag. Hope you find it useful!


The Importance of Sharing

Lately, something on this site has been keeping me a little busier than normal. There seems to be some reason that Google has stopped directing people to the home page, and listing this site in it’s search results even when you search for the URL:

I won’t bore you with the details, I’ve already written about them elsewhere.

I would, however, like to point out that this means fewer people who might be searching for information about abuse survivors, are likely to stumble upon this site, at least for the time being. Given this fact, I want to encourage all of my readers to share. If there’s something you see in a post on this site that you think others would benefit from seeing, share it. If you came here because someone shred the site with you, and you just know a friend who would be interested, share it with them. Don’t be shy, share!

There are sharing buttons on every post, for all of your favorite social networks, or to simply email to your friends. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to share with other survivors or those who are interested in helping them overcome child abuse.

Share away, and thanks for reading!

Thankful That You’re Here

Since tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, and I have sort of been writing about the idea of thankfulness each year at this time, I just wanted to take a minute to say that I’m thankful for you, the readers of this site. I’m thankful that you take the time to read, to comment, to send me links, to share posts from here with your social networks, and that you sometimes even let me know when something that has been written on the site has had a positive influence on you. Knowing that someone, somewhere, is getting something out of this site makes all of the time and effort worthwhile.

Beyond all of that, though, I’m also glad you’re here in a more existential sense. I’m glad you’re here, still working to move forward in healing. I’m glad you haven’t let the abuse take more than it already has, that you are doing whatever you can to heal, and to support others who are trying to heal as well. It may not always look that appealing, and it might be the toughest thing you’ve ever done, but as long as you’re here, there’s at the very least hope for healing and joy to come to your life. That sure beats the alternative!

Enjoy your holiday, however you are marking it!

Back to a Clean Look for the Site

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about starting up news blogs to talk about sports and highlight my photography, has been going back to some very clean, default WordPress themes, and the customizing them from there. The more I thought about it, in fact, the more I thought it was about time to do the same across all of my sites.

So, this evening, I’m pulling the trigger on changing up the theme, going with one of the default WordPress themes, Twenty Twelve, and building it out from there. I like the clean, unobtrusive look, I like the way it looks on an iPad, and I like going back to the basics.

Of course, if you guys see something you like, don’t like, or which doesn’t work, let me know, ok?

The Word Is Out

The other day, while contemplating this site and the original purpose of it, I was struck by something profound, and sort of wonderful. Almost 12 years ago, I moved what had been a fledgling little website about being a survivor, and turned it into a blog. When I did that, I vowed to use this new-found technology to try and accomplish what I had set out long before then to do, which was to simply provide a place where other survivors could read and realize that they were not alone when it came to trying to overcome an abusive childhood.

As I considered whether I had been able to do that, or was still providing that kind of service, I looked over at the Twitter account associated with this page and saw over 2,800 followers. Then I looked at the Facebook Page associated with this blog, and saw that it is closing in on 1,000 “Likes”. The Google Plus Page had well over 150 people following it, and the Google Plus Community I recently started up had 124 members.

So yeah, I’d say that the word has gotten out, and that lots of people now know that there’s at least one site where they can go, read about being a survivor, see comments and links to other survivors, and know that they do not have to face this all alone. That is gratifying. On the other hand, there are so many survivors out there who still are afraid to talk about what happened, and do feel like they are dealing with their past all alone. That’s why it’s so important that we keep talking, and why we keep sharing resources with people. The more we can get the word out about not just this site, but others out there that are doing great work, the fewer survivors will have to cope in secret.

Thanks to everyone who has shared this site with their friends, families, and online networks. You never know who might just feel a little less alone because you did!