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Link – Join Experts, Activists and Philanthropists in the Call for Mental Health: Time to Act

This is a great collection of videos available from this event:

“The International Foundation of Research and Education (iFred) and Founder Kathryn Goetzke, hosted ‘The Future of Health’ for the first ever World Happiness Virtual Agora. The event brought together leading scientists, educators, innovators, technologists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and youth to share why and how mental health must be addressed today. The talks were compelling and full of action steps you, as someone who cares about mental health, can take now to create action and movement in your community.

Check out the latest statistics, trends, and evidence-based practices so you can go armed with information and insights to advocate for change in your workplace, government, schools, communities, and more. Learn about the positive return on investment, the need for precision medicine, how the future of technology is aiding the global efforts, and what online communities can do to connect us all. These talks are all free and available online, and we invite you to hear more from people at the World Bank, One Mind at Work, NYC Thrive, Cities Rise, and more.”

I have only scratched the surface of watching all of the videos available from the link below. A couple had my interest right away based on the title, including this on from Dr. John Grohol about online communities. I’m sure it is no surprise to regular readers on my blog that I would be interested in that topic, as I am a big proponent of using online tools to create a community of fellow survivors in our timeline instead of a everything using these tools to create division. So watch this one, but then go check out the rest of the list, I will be watching them as I have time as well.

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