Sharing – What Do I Do When Mental Health Coping Strategies Don’t Work?

I love this reminder from Laura.

“It’s totally okay if something that once worked wonders has lost its power or lustre. It’s okay if something that works really well for a friend or a stranger on the Internet doesn’t work for you. While searching for mental health coping strategies might bring up a common list of suggestions, that list isn’t exhaustive or one-size-fits-all.”

It’s true. Not only do things that work for other people not necessarily work for you but what worked for you yesterday might not work today. We change. We grow. The world changes and can become more challenging.

Sometimes our coping strategies need to adjust to these new realities. That doesn’t mean you are failing, it means you need to adapt. It’s no different than what I often encounter at work, where the technology we work with and assist clients with changes and evolves, and we need to change and evolve with it. What we did yesterday isn’t going to work in today’s reality.

The same is true for our mental health toolkit. We need to keep evolving with it to adapt to changes.

We know the one constant is change. Our strategies will need to keep pace. So, don’t be afraid to try out some new ones and see which ones work today, maybe better than the ones that worked yesterday.

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