This is the companion blog to my original Child Abuse Survivor blog, where I, and other contributors, post relevant news items, book reviews, and whatever else we might find of interest to the survivor community as we go about our journeys.

As a contributor, you pretty much agree to abide by my rules, and my judgement as to what appropriate content is. In the interest of keeping this a safe place for survivors, all entries from other authors will need to be approved by myself before being published to the site. They must be relevant to the survivor community at large, and though you are welcome to post your own opinions of books and other resources as part of your reviews, all discourse will remain civil at all times.

As owner of the site, I retain the right to decide what is appropriate for the site, both in the posts, and the comments, and will not hesitate to remove anything that I deem to cross the line. I also reserve the right to display the entries on this site, and use them to promote the site (by displaying parts of them at the original blog at my discretion). You are free to cross-post your own entries to your own blog, as I make no claim of exclusive ownership.

That being said, all entries and comments are the opinions of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect the views of myself, as the owner of the site. Again, I welcome civil discourse and disagreement, but recognizing that this is a very raw, emotional subject for many people, I won’t stand for much that falls outside the lines of “civil” discussion.

Above all, this will be a safe place for the survivor community to learn more about things that might help them heal, and to share their own knowledge. If you want to become a contributor, anonymous or otherwise, please drop me an email.

I’m also a teacher, in previous professions, and in my heart. I want to learn new things and share them. That’s why I write on these blogs, why I share things on social media and why I strive to find new information, interesting ideas, love and truth. I want to find things and ideas that are worth telling other people about.

Mike McBride, owner