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Hi, I’m Mike McBride. I am a survivor of childhood abuse. I am also a survivor of major depression, dissociative fugue and a suicide attempt. This is my place. This is where I share my thoughts, my knowledge, and educational resources about all of these topics, in multiple ways. I don’t do this for fame, and I’m definitely not making any money from it. I do it so that the next survivor, of any of these things, has at least one place on the world wide web to know that they are not alone.

You are, in fact, not alone. Far from it, and I hope that by looking around here, and maybe even subscribing, you will learn this simple fact, and draw strength from it. If you know anyone who might benefit from that, please share this with them.

If you are a social media user, I hope you’ll consider following this little website using the links in the sidebar or at the top of the page, and if you’re interested in technology, or photography, I hope you’ll click over and follow my work on other pages as well!

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  • We've already done hard things, but we don't give ourselves credit for it. Typically, we do the opposite, blaming ourselves for the trauma or our mental health struggles, thus seeing ourselves as weak, the kind of people who can't do hard things. That carries over into all aspects of our lives. We don't take risks in jobs, relationships, etc. because we don't think we're capable and we don't think we could survive failure. Which is weird, given how much we have […]
  • Why don't we talk about suicide? Preventing suicide Vent Writing Allows You To Let It All Out in Private Male loneliness epidemic: How fathers face a friendship deficit Family Panel Discussion – Supporting a Child, Teen, or Young Person in Crisis 988 mental health crisis line launches American Sign Language services for callers who are deaf and hard of hearing Why We Need to Talk About Mental Illness With Gabe Howard The post Shared Links (weekly) Sept. 24, 2023 appeared first on […]
  • I'll admit it, if you asked me where online you could educate yourself about Mental Health and self-care, LinkedIn Learning and Coursera wouldn't have been at the top of my mind. Thankfully, the Make Use Of website knows better. They've shared some recommendations on courses you can take online: The post Online Education – Not Just for Tech and Career Skills appeared first on Survivors News and Reviews.
  • It might not seem like much, but the more we learn about depression, the more we might be able to do for more people. That's why the article linked above gives me some hope. We need more information from research, from professionals, and from those with lived experience if we are going to make a dent in treating depression. Lives are at stake. The post Two Reviews Elsewhere – Breaking Through Depression; The Balanced Brain appeared first on Survivors News and […]
  • I love thinking about anxiety as the check engine light. It fits if we think about it, because sometimes that light tells us that there's something wrong, but sometimes the light itself is malfunctioning. That's anxiety to me. Sometimes there really are things the be anxious about, and sometimes those things have caused an overload in our brain such that we can't figure out what to do with that check engine light The post Sharing – Tips for dealing with anxiety, […]
  • Never mind the fact that they might have tried to tell someone and got shut down. Never mind the fact that they might have told someone who didn't believe them Never mind the fact that telling someone is going to create a massive conflict within their own family. Never mind the fact that it's extremely unlikely that any sort of conviction will occur if they tell the police. Never mind the fact that they will now, and maybe forever, be seen […]
  • Resources to Know During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2023 9 of the Best Mental Health Websites for Men Building bridges between schools and mental health services Statistics to Know During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2023 Fostering friendship to chip away at the 'epidemic of loneliness' High school tennis player from New Jersey starts website to help other teen athletes overcome depression Mental health at colleges One Step at a Time The post Shared Links (weekly) Sept. 17, 2023 appeared first on […]
  • We don't always know what impact our small actions will have. It might feel like it's not enough and maybe even not worth doing, but to this woman that small action meant everything in that moment. If we take away anything from her story it should be that no matter how insignificant that small action might seem to you, do it anyway. There's no downside, only the possibility that it will make a difference to someone. The post Sharing – A […]

  • There should be no question about how to access resources. There should be an expectation that there are people you can reach out to who would help you navigate those resources and that managers are supportive of basic mental health activities that help avoid burnout. Anything less just isn't good enough. The post The Mental Health Impacts of Being New to the Workplace appeared first on Mike McBride Online. If you want to see more like this, consider subscribing to the RSS Feed.
  • As pointed out in the link below, these types of behaviors break trust. I can't trust leadership who doesn't act in a way that matches the talk, and in too many cases the talk about well-being is just talk. You could say the same about diversity and inclusion and other efforts that exist mostly to appeal to customers and potential employees instead of demonstrating a true commitment to those things. The post Linked – How to spot wellbeing washing at work appeared first on Mike McBride Online. If you want to see more like this, consider […]
  • So, while I wouldn't place the blame for all of our anxiety coming from a pandemic, climate, racism, sexism, and violence, I do believe the workplace has a role to play when it comes to supporting the human beings who work for you in dealing with all of that, and a responsibility to not add to it. Unfortunately, I see a lot of leaders who don't seem to care about either of those things. IMHO, they don't deserve to have employees. The post Does the Workplace Have a Role in Our Current Mental Health Crisis? appeared […]
  • What I am starting to learn, and Gary writes as well, is that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness but it might very well be an opportunity. It's an opportunity to connect with other human beings at a personal level, it's an opportunity to learn from the expertise of others, and an opportunity for them to put that knowledge to good use. It's an opportunity to use that combined skill to create a better solution than I would have created by myself. Most of all hard problems are an opportunity to work as a […]
  • Leaders often throw benefits out to solve the problem, when work might actually be the problem. A great employee assistance program, health insurance that fairly covers mental healthcare, heck maybe they even threw in a few meditation app subscriptions for free. "See, we care!" But the employee is quietly suffering from a lack of any connection to coworkers, poor communication with their boss, workplace stress, or even bullying and harassment, with no one in leadership to talk to. That's not going to make them feel like you care. The post The Gap Between What Management Thinks […]
  • Which got me thinking, if we are taking vacation time, sick time, or even going with a four-day workweek because it will help us come back and be more productive workers, then why bother? Is that all we are? Does everything we do, including what we do outside of work, have to revolve around our jobs? The post The Important Question – What is all this Productivity For Anyway? appeared first on Mike McBride Online. If you want to see more like this, consider subscribing to the RSS Feed.