Suicide Prevention Hotlines Around the World

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I saw this, and tweeted about it last night, but also wanted to link it here for posterity:

More suicide prevention hotlines than I’ve ever seen collected in one place.

This also serves as a good reminder of my birthday fundraiser for the AFSP, I’m in the US so that is what I would direct people who want to help me celebrate or say thank you for running this site over the years, but if you aren’t in the US, I totally get wanted to support something local for you as well, so here’s a list of suicide prevention resources all over the world. If you want to support my birthday wish to raise money for suicide prevention but do it in your own country, please do. Then come back and let me know that you did. That will mean as much as anyone donating or sharing my fundraiser.

Sharing – Personal Boundaries and Building Self Love

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This quote is, frankly, just so freaking much.

“Personal boundaries are important for establishing a sense of self-worth and a sense of self-love. Those who grew up unable to establish their own personal space or to have a sense of control over their own life may have learned to seek approval or validation from others instead of trusting themselves and building a solid sense of self-identity.”

Sharing – Tips for Anyone Experiencing Mental Health Issues for the First Time

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This Allure article below actually seems like something we should be sharing, because right now everyone is feeling something, a lot of things, that may be completely new. I mean seriously the world is pretty overwhelming right now, you’d have to be dead to not feel something. But not everyone knows how to cope with that. 

Sharing – Mobile apps, text messaging enhance access to mental health care

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For many, there is no possibility of the regular trip to the therapist office that we often imagine mental health care to be. We need more of these kinds of resources if we are going to make a dent in the large percentage of people who never get any treatment, and the more we can move to these types of tools, hopefully the more availability there is for more elaborate resources for those who need that as well.

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