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Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 24, 2021

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Why Toxic Positivity Can Be Damaging to Our Mental Health

Taking Men’s Mental Health More Seriously

Mental health check: What to ask and how to know if you need help

Female child sex abuse ‘remains taboo’ while victims struggle

Overwhelmed? You Are Not Alone

6 Ways to Stop Feeling Embarrassed About Your Depression

Lack of diversity and the pandemic challenge colleges to address mental health issues for students of color

French incest affair sparks ‘hundreds’ of #Metooinceste testimonies on Twitter… Read More

Sharing – Nine in ten female young offenders are victims of abuse, research finds

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“The vast majority of young women in contact with the criminal justice system have experienced significant trauma and disadvantage. This can be a key driver for their offending, whether that is being coerced into crime by a partner, sexually exploited or using drugs or alcohol to cope with what they have experienced. 

In spite of that, when they then come into contact with the criminal justice system, too often the response does more harm than good or is retraumatising, such as the use of force, restraint or isolation.”… Read More

Sharing – Trying to Stay Optimistic Is Doing More Harm Than Good

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We talk often about how to support someone who is struggling, and in those conversations, we talk about spending less time worrying about what to say, and more time just being present. On the other hand, there are absolutely things you should not say, and if you find yourself starting sentences with “At least”, I want you to reconsider.… Read More

Sharing – How the Stigma of Mental Illness Has Evolved Over Time

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There is a whole world of people who aren’t looking at blogs like this one, or trying to talk about mental health on social media. Sure, there’s a lot of us who are, and I love supporting those folks by trying to share information, or just check in. But, that’s not going to change the stigma that exists in society until all of those other folks, actually come in contact with mental health struggles in real life. As long as that’s not happening, it’ll remain stigmatized, and “something that happens to other people”.… Read More

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