Sharing – Giving Ourselves Credit for Seemingly Small Wins

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You can read the article below for suggestions of things you should give yourself credit for. Then it’s up to you to understand how much you really do accomplish, even in the face of COVID-19, violence, and mass uncertainty.

Her list might even spark some ideas for some other, small, things you can do, and then give yourself credit for doing.

What are you giving yourself credit for today?

Links I’m Sharing (weekly) July 26, 2020

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Brian Cardoza on Surviving Abuse and Sex Trafficking

The Science of How Our Minds and Our Bodies Converge in the Healing of Trauma

5 Reasons Mental Illness Isn’t ‘Abnormal’ (And ‘Normal’ Doesn’t Exist)

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Brave Expressions. -Brave Expressions is a mental health storytelling platform that empowers people to express their experiences through any creative outlet. Our mission is to create a space where people can express their mental health stories, learn about others’ experiences, and know they’re not alone.

How Scapegoating Is the Promotion of a False Family Narrative

LSU student creates mental health hotline to combat stigmas in Black communities

20 Mental Health Resources to Follow

How growing and nurturing friendships can boost your mental and physical health

Winning at all costs – how abuse in sport has become normalised

Fight Loneliness by Expanding Your Circle of Concern

Sharing – How to Stop Blaming Sexual Harassment Victims

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I also want you to remember that, as far as I can tell, this study was done regarding adult women being harassed. Imagine how much the victim-blaming in those cases would impact a sexual abuse victim? As a child, maybe we didn’t have any chance to make an accusation, but as an adult we could, except look at what happens to people who come forward years later? Why would I put myself through that trauma?

And if you’re a male victim of sexual abuse, or even assault as an adult? Yeah, you get the extra burden of proving you didn’t want it too.

This all stems from a complete misunderstanding of trauma, and the dynamics involved in going public with our stories. To too many people in society, if we don’t report it right when it happens, then coming forward later is just proof that it didn’t happen and we have some other motive for making the accusation.

Until that goes away, there will continue to be millions of silent victims, and who knows how many predators not being found out.

Sharing – Child sex abuse survivors are five times more likely to be the victims of sexual assault later in life

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The results of this study were pretty bleak, but they’re also complicated. “Unfortunately, though, child sexual abuse survivors were much more likely than those in the control group to be re-victimised in what are considered medium and high harm personal … Continued

Links I’m Sharing (weekly)

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Therapy in Color links Black Americans with therapists of color

It Is Time To Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health Among Healthcare Workers

Depression- When you stop loving the things you love

People Who’ve Called The National Suicide Prevention Hotline Explain What It’s Really Like

How To Deal With Disappointment ? In Pursuit of Happiness

How to Balance Staying Informed And Your Mental Health

How can you be a good friend to someone who is suicidal?

6 Ways to Self-Soothe When Starved for Touch

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