Link – Setbacks Are Not Permanent

I ask myself when will I realize that setbacks are setbacks?  That they aren’t destiny.

I’ve always struggled with believing the bad. I always assume that the bad stuff is real and the good stuff is a facade. So if I make a mistake or I struggle or I fall,  I assume that is me and that is how things will be. When I’m doing well and moving forward and meeting my goals, I assume it’s the fluke. Eventually I will fall, my reasoning goes, and all will be back to normal.

But this experience about a month ago is making me question that way of seeing the world.  If we assume we are the negative and the failures, then won’t we inevitably find negativity and failure?  After all, what is the point of standing back up if you believe the fall is the destination?

An interesting thought. Often times when healing from childhood abuse, or dealing with an addiction or myriad other conditions that we talk about here, we have bad days. Some times on a bad day we make some bad decisions.

It’s not the end of the world. It’s a bad day. Now, those decisions might come with some consequences that we have to deal with, but a bad day does not define the entirety of our healing. It’s a bad day, or a stretch of days. Hopefully there are more good ones than bad ones, but a bad day is not the end of all the progress you’ve made up to that point.

It’s just a bad day. Tomorrow will be another day in the journey.

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