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Sharing – A new study has found being angry increases your vulnerability to misinformation

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Really, there are two things you can do to fight falling for misinformation. You could try to never be angry, but I don’t think that’s realistic. There are things to be angry about, rightfully. We can’t go through live just not feeling anything.

The thing I think we can do, and the thing I work hard at myself, is staying humble. Never assume you “know” everything, that you never make mistakes, that there is nothing more for you to learn. That’s how you fight misinformation, and it’s also really helpful when it comes to fighting negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, etc.… Read More

Sharing – Mental health for all?

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The Commission report is, obviously, based on what was found in the UK. I have little doubt that similar realities exist in just about every country. And, just about every country can look not just at this overview, but also some of the more detailed information and recommendations from the PDF and find relevant information.

To be honest, this overview sounds a lot like what I’ve read from various sources about the US system as well, and it’s about time we started thinking about what support for mental health looks like in our own communities.… Read More

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