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Sometimes We Just Need Someone to Just Listen

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An interesting little snippet from CBS about Al Nixon, and the good he does just by sitting on a park bench in the morning and listening. I thought it worth sharing because it demonstrates the power of listening in terms of making people feel seen, and connected. It’s not therapy, and it won’t fix everything but as he says “When you listen to someone, you let them know I value you”.… Read More

Sharing – A Shortage Of Mental Health Treatment Beds Can Trap Kids In Crisis Inside ERs

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We have to have serious discussions about mental health resources, for adults and kids. This isn’t even about stigma or awareness, this is a system with fundamental flaws, that creates this lack of available, and affordable, resources. This is a society that is unable, and unwilling, to provide basic care for too many of its own members. Is that the society we want to live in? I hope not, but as long as we continue down a path where the best plan we can come up for a teenager struggling with suicidal thoughts is 17 days on a gurney, and sedated, inside of an ER, we are not that society. … Read More

UK Teacher Response to BBC R4 Survey

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BBC Radio 4 reported on the response to a survey given to teachers in UK schools and the results regarding the ability to tackle peer-on-peer sexual abuse in the classroom. The results of the survey have been summarised at the BBC’s News website. The link is below.… Read More

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