Reading – Why Do People With Mental Illness Self-Sabotage?

I would say the reasons are the same for survivors as well. Healing requires taking responsibility for your actions going forward, and no longer having the “victim” excuse, and that identity can become so ingrained that it’s hard to let go of. I think this is a big area of struggle for any survivors who are public about their story and involved with other survivors, how to be part of that community, but also becoming more than a survivor, to be something else.

The something else is worth it, but can you overcome the comfort of your current identity?

Why Do People With Mental Illness Self-Sabotage?

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  1. My mother had this problem. She was mentally ill and very abusive to family members and to me, when I was a child. It is impossible for people to change what they do not acknowledge. My mother’s reality was different then other people. So in her mind, other’s had problems, but she did not! Mental illness is not like physical illness — if your throat hurts, you don’t tell the doc that your spouse has a sore throat! But in some mentally ill people, like my mom, their sense of insight to their illness is scrambled. This, I believe, is the root of the reason they self-sabotage. If you are interested in learning more, please check out my book at:

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