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Sharing – What to do when you find CSAM or evidence of child sex trafficking online

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Whatever the motivation, that’s not the appropriate thing to do. The article below walks through the steps of reporting it to the platform where you saw it, and also reporting it to the proper law enforcement agencies. Those are the places who can actually investigate this, not your friends and groups.

Please, keep this in mind, and keep this handy.… Read More

What to Expect in Your first Therapy Session

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If you’ve never been to see a therapist, it can seem overwhelming. Maybe you know other people who’ve been and didn’t like it, or what you saw in a movie didn’t look appealing to you, or maybe you’re just uncertain of how it all works. 

So, if that is you, I wanted to share this video that Steph, from Sea Salt Rain Therapy in Canada posted on YouTube. She goes through the process of going in, filling out your paperwork, what level of confidentiality you have, and even what that first session may, or may not, mean for treatment going forward. … Read More

What I learned from my husband’s suicide | Lori Prichard

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I saw this talk shared the other day and bookmarked it to go back and watch later. It’s a powerful talk given by Lori Prichard about her husband’s suicide. If you’ve not lived with depression, or lived close to someone dealing with it, you may have a hard time relating, but I want you to try, because I know how accurate this is. I’ve been depressed. I’ve lived with that bully inside of my own brain that told me every day how much better off people would be without me, and I managed to hide it and downplay it so that most people didn’t know anything was wrong at all, or as Lori put it, they let me get away with talking them out of any concerns.… Read More

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