Suicide Prevention Hotlines Around the World

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I saw this, and tweeted about it last night, but also wanted to link it here for posterity:

More suicide prevention hotlines than I’ve ever seen collected in one place.

This also serves as a good reminder of my birthday fundraiser for the AFSP, I’m in the US so that is what I would direct people who want to help me celebrate or say thank you for running this site over the years, but if you aren’t in the US, I totally get wanted to support something local for you as well, so here’s a list of suicide prevention resources all over the world. If you want to support my birthday wish to raise money for suicide prevention but do it in your own country, please do. Then come back and let me know that you did. That will mean as much as anyone donating or sharing my fundraiser.

New Database of Available Mental Health Services

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The site is available here:

It appears to be limited to the US, despite the fact that it lets you type in another country. I just showed no countries showing up in the list other than the US regardless of what I typed, but maybe at some point it will add more resources, or if you know of a similar resource in your country, feel free to drop a link in the comments. 

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