Podcast on Healing From Sexual Abuse

One of the people involved with the Authentic Intimacy organization reached on to me through the Facebook page and shared a recent podcast they had done with a couple of female survivors of sexual abuse about taking the first steps toward healing.

Now, Authentic Intimacy is a Christian-based organization and this podcast is as well. As you know, I welcome people of all faiths, and no faith, to the site and do not really endorse any particular theology. I have my own beliefs, but I do not make them part of the site at all, because I do not want any survivor to feel unwelcome because of them. We are all survivors, and should be considered part of the larger community of survivors in the world, of all races, creeds, sexes, etc.

On the other hand, I like to point out various resources that may be of interest to some of our readers as I come across them and I think that this may be of interest to those of you do come from a Christian faith, or those of you who simply want to hear the stories of survivors. So I’m sharing it, with no further comment on the beliefs contained either in the podcast or any other materials put out by this organization.


With that said, if you’re interested, go check it out.


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