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Link – The Power of Talking

I love the fact that this article not only lists this great reasons why talking can be helpful, but also reminds us that we need to think about who we talk to.

Reasons to Talk

  • It gives us a sense of “doing” something. By talking, we are doing something active not passive and we are reaching out for a connection.
  • Talking gives us an opportunity to “hear” ourselves and “listen” to ourselves. It gives us an opportunity to adjust our thoughts and feelings. Hearing ourselves say, “I can’t take another day of this” might lead us to add, “Unless I get help”, or “But I will”.
  • Lastly talking teaches us that thoughts and feelings are usually less ominous when we say them out loud to others versus thinking about them privately.

If you need to talk, reach out and find someone who will listen. However, not any listener will do.

It goes on to talk about what to look for in a listeners, and I really recommend taking a look. So many times I’ve seen survivors talk to whoever happens to be around, and then get more traumatized by the response they get. Don’t allow the response of someone who is incapable of listening to you, color how you feel about yourself.

Just find a better person to talk to.

Also, if you don’t see yourself in the description of what people look for in a listener, learn to be a better listener.

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