Dugard Kidnappers expected to confess despite potential long sentences

In a move reflecting the type of deal received by the kidnapper of Shawn Hornbeck with Missouri legal authorities, the kidnappers of Jaycee Lee Dugard are expected to make full confessions to police in Sacramento, California. The nominal sentences could range up to 440 years for Philip Garrido and 241 years for his wife Nancy, who is keeping up her “Man Made Me Do It” not guilty plea in an attempt to try to win parole at a later time but before her death.

We’ll update on this story when the details are legally finalised, but for the moment ABC’s take on the story (with Associated Press Contribution) is here with the story crawl at the bottom of the page just like the BBC. For our Facebook readers the full link follows;


Other stories are located in the Google News Feed;



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