Childhood Abuse Can Make You Sicker Late in Life?

That seems to be the findings of a study that was released last August. My wife actually sent this to me, saddened that this may be true.

Like any study, of course, it may be more likely to cause issues later in life, but it’s not a guarantee in every individual. At the end of the day, we don’t really know which survivors will have this sort of life-shortening effect from abuse, and which won’t. We only know that we’re more likely to have it than people who did not have what they call “adverse experiences” in childhood.

Still, this study does show two important things, to my way of looking at it. One, what happens in childhood affects the rest of our lives. Two, there’s no telling how long any of us are going to be here, which is all the more reason not to put off getting help and starting to work on healing.

All this talk of life spans reminds me though, we should work to find enjoyment out of each day. You never know how many you have.

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