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Sharing – Why Are Men So Negatively Impacted by Depression?

The article below is quite long, and I encourage you to go read it all, but this is one area that really has been making me think a bit about not only how I describe my own bad days, but what I accept from other males who talk about headaches, tiredness, or who exhibit aggressive, risk-taking, behavior.

“Often, men’s symptoms are external or physical. Ingram said it’s acceptable for men to say they have a headache or they are tired – more acceptable than saying out loud, “I’m sad.” Depressive behaviors in men are often expressed by externalizing those internal symptoms with physical expression.


Drinking is a common, yet problematic, way of externalizing internal feelings because it can become a cyclical avoidance habit. Many individuals turn to drinking for relief from negative feelings, only to discover that the feelings or the problem causing those feelings still exists. “

Could it be that those “mates” of yours who seem tired, or drink a bit too much, or complain about other external symptoms, are actually dealing with depression?

It’s worth thinking about, that much I am sure about.

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