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Sharing – New Study: Sleep Is Literally a Deep Clean for Your Brain

I think the take-home message here is important:

“Maybe the most important take-home message is that sleep is a serious thing,” he says. “You really need to sleep to keep a healthy brain because it links electrical activity to a practical housekeeping function.”

It’s important for any number of reasons, but for me, it’s important because sleep is often the first thing we give up when things get stressful. Need more time to get work done? Stay up late.

Having trouble with stress and anxiety? The suggested solutions often require adding even more to our to-do list. Meditate, practice mindfulness, do acts of self-care, etc. But we often forget that maybe the most important act of self-care is getting enough sleep.

Don’t even get me started on the fitness industry and the number of people who talk about “earning your food/sleep” through exercise. Argh!

This study would indicate that sleep is not something you want to mess with. Simply getting enough would help us with our mental “junk”. No, it won’t cure depression or eliminate symptoms of bipolar, or any of the other things that some of your friends will, unfortunately, suggest, but it does serve a core function for the healthy functioning of your brain, and that is certainly one place to start making things better, no?

Check out the article below, and I look forward to furthering research in this area!

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