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Link – Waiting longer for mental health care may help college students, report finds

This report seems totally out of sync with everything we know about mental health care, but maybe not so much.

“It might have to do with the importance of consistent and stable therapy. While an access model gets students into care for a first appointment sooner, counselors often have too many patients and are unable to follow up with each of them regularly.”

There is probably some truth to this. Yes, you can create a system that gets people in right away, but if it is as lacking in available resources as our current mental health care systems are, you get in once, for a quick session, but there aren’t near enough treatment options and resources available to keep that going. In that situation, waiting for a full treatment plan for a short time is probably better than getting immediate, but less that optimal, treatment.

Of course, the best option is to have the resources to get people into something that satisfies the immediate danger, and then onto full treatment, but that’s going to require a commitment of a lot more resources than we currently seem willing to do.

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