Link – 10 Staggering Stats That Prove Mental Illness Affects Everyone

“A mental health condition isn’t a singular problem that one person experiences. A loss in earnings due to a mental health disorder can impact a spouse. Death by suicide related to mental illness can devastate a family. Mental health disorders have a ripple effect on the individual and their loved ones, coworkers or even an entire community.

Yet many people still stereotype a mental illness diagnosis. Research shows that a stigma exists around mental health disorders — and that can have a negative impact on everyone.

As a way to kick off Mental Health Month, we rounded up a few numbers that show mental health isn’t just a personal issue — it’s a global issue. Take a look below:”

I’ve said it over and over, given the statistics on mental health issues, there is simply no way you don’t know someone dealing with it themselves or someone close to them.

So why do we continue to pretend people with mental health issues are somehow not our concern?

10 Staggering Stats That Prove Mental Illness Affects Everyone

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