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“When our definition of manhood is wrapped so tightly with what we can accomplish, do, and conquer anything that keeps us from achieving these things is emasculating. When we tie our worth into this cultural definition of manhood, any failure to meet the marks of manhood result in a devaluation of the view of ourselves. When my value as an adult man is tied into what I am capable of doing, depression and its accompanying apathy threaten to rob me of that value.
This is a struggle for men who live with depression.”

Interestingly, we see very much the same thing when men retire as well. So much of the “value” of men is placed upon the work they do professionally, and providing for their family, and while those are things people should be respected for, what value do they bring to the table when they aren’t working? None?

We need a better definition of value for men that takes into account all of the person, not just the work they do.

Then, maybe, we can start to change the way we look at depression in men.

Depression Challenges My Masculinity –

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