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Reviews Elsewhere – Things We Haven’t Said

Found this review from a Twitter link. Things We Haven’t Said is a collection of stories. Important stories about surviving sexual violence. –

This work contains 25 different stories from both men and women from a variety of backgrounds who have at some point in their lives been subjected to sexual violence. By allowing their words to be shared these brave people are opening themselves up in an attempt to help others either to cope with their own trauma or to understand how to better help those who have had these experiences. Each person has written a fictionalized or personal essay that shares themselves in an intimate way with the reader. Each of these stories is so diverse and there are letters, poems, as well as standard essays. After these Erin Moulton, the editor of Things We Haven’t Said, has provided an informal interview she had with each person who submitted to the collection and then each chapter ends with an update and description of the person now.

The reviewer, Katherine, describes this as “not an easy read”, and from the description, I truly believe that. I also believe it is important to be able to tell these stories, and while not an easy task, reading this book should remind us that surviving, and overcoming, is possible.

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