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Link – The playing field wasn’t level to begin with: On childhood trauma and the fruitless comparison game.

This is so important as we continue to understand how social media affects us as we look at the “perfect” things people choose to share with the world:

If this is you, if you had to spend a majority of your life surviving an abusive childhood, and then later coping with the lingering impacts of it, and now you find yourself looking around at your peers – folks from childhood, college, or on the news or TV screen – and feeling jealous and upset that you’re “far behind”, please recognize that it’s utterly unfair to compare yourself to someone who had literal developmental advantages over you.

Later in the article, Annie talks about fairer comparisons and the only one that matters, in my opinion, is the comparison between who you are today versus who you were before.

Are you moving forward in your healing, even in small ways? Great. That’s enough.

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