Link – I speak out about my sexual abuse because others still suffer in silence

“So now I speak. Bravely, bluntly, honestly. However you want to look at it, I speak. I’m a sexual abuse survivor and I did exactly that – I survived. Even now as I write this, I’m aware that future employers and my father’s family can see my words but I refuse to bow down to fear and shame again. I speak because I know the shame and fear that victims feel. I speak because although I understand how uncomfortable my friends and family are with the knowledge of my abuse, I feel that acknowledging how common sexual abuse is matters far more than our comfort. I think it’s vital that we break the taboo of speaking out about sexual abuse, that we stop joking about it to appease our own discomfort, and listen instead.

I speak because what happened to me matters. Victims having the space and an invitation to speak matters. I speak because I refuse to continue to feel ashamed. Because it’s important that sufferers see others speaking out. I speak because 85% of people who have suffered the trauma that I have feel they can’t speak up themselves. I speak because, fortunately, I feel I can.”

Well done Sarah.

I speak out about my sexual abuse because others still suffer in silence | Sarah Kelly | Comment is free | The Guardian

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  1. I admire everyone who has had the courage to speak out about their abuse.I only found courage to tell my family& friends when Oprah Winfrey shared her abuse. So glad to hear that the silence is being broken one person at a time.

  2. MI speak out for those very same reasons and until society get to grips with child abuse properly will be the proverbial thorn in people’s sides, my biggest is fear is that child abuse will become like rape as and in that I mean sort of “Normalised” i know rape is not considered normal anywhere but 30 years ago if someone was raped it was a massive thing and was thought of as so bad that you hardly ever heard the word rape but over the years society is not as shocked as it once was where rape is concerned even going as far as to blame victims for bringing it on themselves because of what they wore etc and now no one bats an eyelid if they hear someone as been raped…..and thats not good we should be just as horrified now as we where 30yrs ago…i don’t want to be hearing about child abuse n years to come and not be shocked by it, i don’t want people to not even acknowledge it, some on our society would love to see child abuse flourish but as long as i have breath n my body that will ever happen, i will not let child abuse become normal ever…not on my watch…I was abused as a child and I am 48yrs old now and it is only n this last 10yrs i have managed to get my life together, my abuse experience as blighted me all my life and i never really go over it, even now i have to fight with myself some days not to get angry….because i have so much anger……….until it as happened to you then you have no idea of how bad i is being a victim i was lucky i have managed to come out of the other side of it….some people never get out of it alive….

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