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Link – Chester Bennington’s widow speaks out on his death: ‘It’s nobody’s fault’

I wish I could say that this is shocking, but it’s not.

“As much as social media has been a huge support for me, I do every now and then get people blaming me — straight-up blaming me — for him dying, for not saving him, for mistreating him,” she admitted. “Who knows why these people behind their devices are saying these horribly cruel things to me? But, you know, it is a little stab in the heart, but what I have to remember is that it’s not my fault, it’s not my children’s fault, it’s not the band’s faults — it’s nobody’s fault.”

I’ve written before about “victim-blaming”, because I really think it’s a defense mechanism for people who’ve never had to face this kind of thing themselves. They don’t want to admit to themselves that it could happen to them too, so they find something we did wrong, so they can walk away justified in the knowledge that they don’t need to worry about it.

In this case, my loved ones won’t end up like Chester because I would see it and save them, unlike his wife.

Frankly, that’s complete nonsense, Bad stuff happens all the time to people who didn’t do anything to cause it. It may make you feel better about your life if you can point a finger of blame at others and assure yourself that it won’t happen to anyone you know.

But don’t think for a second that it’s true.

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