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Link – 5 Myths About Depression We Need to Shut Down Immediately

They all need to go, but this is the one that absolutely should never be uttered by anyone ever again!

Myth # 5: “If you were only strong enough, you wouldn’t be depressed.”

It’s just such a horrible, cruel thing to say to someone who is struggling. Thankfully, Psychology Today also gives us the truth about this myth:

Being clinically depressed has nothing to do with strong or weak. In fact, it takes a great deal of courage to ask for help when you are suffering. From the depths of psychic pain, one often emerges with strength and a renewed appreciation for life. Many who have fought and clawed their way out of the abyss of depression (or another mental health condition) can truly appreciate the feeling of being liberated from its grip. Further, one who has been forced to fight against the tides of societal stigma, and thus self-shame, often has the character and depth of soul of a survivor.

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