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Many survivors struggle with any number of mental health issues through their teens and into adulthood as a result of their abuse. Anorexia, while not something I have personal experience with, is something that I know some survivors are dealing with. This look into one woman’s struggle with it may help provide a look at the disease and perhaps help people understand what is going on with someone they care about. Thus, I thought it appropriate to share this review of the book by Caroline Comeaux Lee:

Being Ana provides an intimate look into the life of an anorexic. Raviv’s journal entries are glimpses into her thought processes, which allow readers to understand the intricacies and complicated strings that support and pull at anorexia.

Being Ana is a great resource for clinicians and practitioners who are just starting out in the field of eating disorder recovery. While there is not much in the book regarding her recovery, Raviv’s detailed retelling of her journey into anorexia gives an insightful depth that is rarely captured in textbooks. This memoir could also provide family members of those with anorexia a bit more understanding of the illness from the inside.

Go check out the whole review, and if you have read the book, let us know what you thought. If you know of any other books that have helped with eating disorders, feel free to share those as well!

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