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Sharing – Being Kind to Yourself

The truth is that for many of us this is a completely accurate statement:

“We know that being kind and compassionate to those with problems can help them cope with their feelings and situations. Yet, many of us do not apply this same behavior to ourselves. Thus, self-compassion may not be practiced as often as it should.”

I know this is a struggle for me. I notice every mistake I make. I dwell on them much longer than is healthy. When I do something well, even to the point of getting complimented? I forget it relatively quickly.

That’s not a good balance. I know I’m not alone in that. So what do I do?

I read articles like the one below and try to implement some of the suggestions. I make a concentrated effort to celebrate the wins when they come, to the point of documenting them. I remind myself that I’ve seen plenty of other people make the same mistakes I have. I work at finding a balance, not always successfully, at striking a balance between things I’d like to improve on versus berating myself for not being better.

I suspect I’ll spend the rest of my life working at this, and still getting some mixed results but that beats not working at it and not being kind to myself.

That path only leads to pain.

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