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Link – Helping A Friend With Their Depression When You Don’t Live Nearby

I have to admit, I know this feeling all too well. One of the downsides of moving around, and traveling for my job all those years, is that there are a ton of friends and acquaintances who are not close enough for me to give them a hug when I know they could use one.

“Living too far away from friends to pop round for a cup of tea can be hard. It can be even harder when our friend is living with depression. At times you might feel really helpless because all you want to do is to wrap them up in a big hug, but you can’t. There still some are things that you can do to help a friend with depression, despite living far away.”

The article below lists a bunch of ideas, and honestly, as I was reading it all I kept thinking was that all of them simply related to connecting. Calls, texts, sharing a link, making plans to see each other, etc. are all about simply staying connected, and reminding them that you care.

We literally have a 100 ways to keep in touch in 2019. There are probably 10 apps just on my iPhone that would allow me to do exactly that. People who are struggling need to know that we care. We should probably use those apps to show them exactly that more often.

Helping A Friend With Their Depression When You Don’t Live Nearby

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