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Sharing – Do We Even Know How To Socialize Anymore?

Nope, pretty sure I have no idea, but that’s OK, I plan on falling back on this advice, even if I will still be working remotely.

“If you’ve been working remotely and you’re worried about how to approach that first conversation back at the office, chances are you’re not the only one feeling it — science tells us we all tend to be more self-conscious than necessary in new social situations. Headlee suggests addressing the elephant in the room right away. “Be honest about it,” Headlee says, because “sometimes when you name something, it takes away its power.” Acknowledging the awkward with something as simple as, “So this is weird, right?” can clear the air and get everyone moving forward.”

Let’s all just admit it. There are going to be a lot of us who are socially anxious going back out into the world post-vaccination. So get it out up front, and accept that it’s going to be weird.

Be gracious to everyone who is going to be re-learning how to be social again, and support them in the struggle to do so. The worst thing we could do is create a situation where people have something to be anxious about.

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