Worried About Someone Online? You Can Report to a Safety Team in Many Cases

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If you see someone on social media who you think might be in trouble, or in danger of self-harm, many of the social networks have teams ready to respond to reports from their “friends”. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has worked with many of them:

For over 10 years, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has worked with  social media platforms and digital communities to establish recommended best practices in suicide prevention for social and digital media.

If you are worried about someone on social media, you can contact safety teams, who will reach out to connect the user with the help they need.

Naturally, they also have a page with details on how to reach out to those teams. It may not be perfect, but in a world where we are becoming connected more and more to people online whom we may not know too many personal details about, it’s nice to know they are at least working to do something for folks.

Check it out, and bookmark it in case you ever need it, here:

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