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Even LinkedIn has Mental Health Creators Worth Following

I’ve often tried to share lists of social media accounts, podcasts, blogs, etc. related to abuse and mental health. I think this is the first time I’m sharing such a list of LinkedIn creators.

Nevertheless, here we have it.

LinkedIn Top Voices in Mental Health: The 10 creators to follow

In their own words:

Today, LinkedIn News is debuting our first list of Top Voices in Mental Health — 10 thought leaders driving meaningful conversations around what it means to prioritize your mental health and wellbeing. From understanding the impacts of burnout to strategies for coping with uncertainty, these creators are focused on making mental health resources more accessible, approachable and informative. Check out and follow the creators that speak to your interests and stay updated on their latest insights in your LinkedIn feed.

So if you’re a LinkedIn user, here’s something you can do other than just looking for your next job. You can get some good mental health information.

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