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Link – The Incredible Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Now Used In Mental Health

If this is our current situation, why not use AI and all this technology, to look at different ways of screening and treating mental health issues?

“The critical shortfall of psychiatrists and other mental health specialists to provide treatment exacerbates this crisis. In fact, nearly 40% of Americans live where there is a shortage of mental health professionals; 60% of U.S. counties don’t have a psychiatrist. Those that do have access to mental health professionals often forgo treatment because they can’t afford it. Those with depression visit primary care physicians an average of five times a year versus three times for those who don’t have it. Others seek help in emergency rooms which are more expensive. More than $201 billion is spent on mental health annually making mental health the most expensive part of our healthcare system after knocking out heart conditions for the honor.”

Bernard has some examples of things that are being worked on. Let’s hope some of this pans out and proves to be helpful in eliminating this shortfall.

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