Sharing – Denmark is encouraging people with depression and mental health issues to take part in cultural activities.

We know we have more people dealing with depression and anxiety than we have resources to help. We also know that being “connected” is a huge part of suicide prevention and can even help with anxiety and mild depression.

Why not try something like this instead of throwing up our hands and giving up when we can’t get everyone in to see a psychiatrist?

“So Denmark is trying a different approach: People suffering from depression are encouraged to take part in cultural activities. They call it Kulturvitaminer – “culture vitamins” – and it is being trialled in four cities.

As well as avoiding drugs and their side-effects, Kulturvitaminer does not require the direct involvement of clinical staff but can be run by trained lay people. It involves getting people together in small groups to experience everything from concerts to communal singing.”

I’ll be interested in seeing the long term results.


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