Sitting Alone

Sharing – Adult Loneliness Is Linked to Childhood Trauma

I’ve felt this and I’ve talked about it many times before. Children forced to deal with a lot of trauma do that instead of learning about our place in the world, and in respect to other people. So would this be any surprise?

“Children who experience early trauma often have challenges connecting with others, or only feel that they are wanted if they’re “fixing” or “helping’ others. This dynamic often generalizes in adulthood as the trauma response of “fawning” behavior, where a person ignores and neglects their own needs in order to put others’ needs ahead of their own.”

Many a survivor is forced into learning these details about how to interact with other people and our own intrinsic value in relation to others during adulthood instead of childhood. For some, it’s much later in adulthood.

If you’re one of the survivors who struggle in this area, and we’ve all been there in various ways, there is hope. It just requires learning some things that we missed out on in our childhood and early adult years. We aren’t too old to learn though.

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