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This post by 5 Alive, reminds us of the importance of having a network of folks we can turn to for various types of support, and also the importance of being part of that for other people.

What I really like is some of the examples they give, because it’s not about being “everything” to someone, it’s about playing your role within the larger support network. Things like this:

Friends for emotion talk a) by text b) by phone c) in person

A ‘get me out’ friend to go places with for positive mindset.

A friend for laughs. Share memes. Be silly. Watch funny videos.

A friend for bouncing ideas off of.

People with like interests or hobbies to group with.

Chat groups on social media you may like to connect with others in.

These are all possible, they don’t require one person to fix things, which is where I suspect many of us get stuck. We want to support a loved one, or friend, who is struggling and in need of support, but that looks like a lot, probably more than we can handle. Frankly, it is more than you can handle, that’s why we all need the larger network. It only makes sense!



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