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Sharing – When the world stops

Elizabeth gets at something very important in this part of her newsletter today –

When people are in pain they want to know their experience matters, that they aren’t alone, and that their pain has moved you in some way.

But, really, how often are we finding it within ourselves to take the pause from the manic movements of our current world? Are we stopping and listening when our loved ones and community are in pain? Do we stop and listen when we are in our pain?

One of the benefits of having been laid off last week is the sudden availability of time to connect with friends and catch up on all of the messages I’ve been meaning to send.

On the other hand, read that again and tell me how ridiculous that sounds. The people I claim are important to me get lost in all the mental energy spent on work and other busyness. That’s on me. That’s my fault, and I realize what a price I pay for not being connected to people in the way I want to be and need to be.

We all need people who will stop and be with us. I’ve been lucky enough to have that, and I’ve had the privilege to be there for others during difficult times. I have also probably missed many an opportunity to stop and be with someone because of the hectic pace of life, and I’m not proud of that.

The question is, what do we do as a society to allow people’s worlds to stop? How do we reach a point where it’s acceptable and the expectation that we will stop when necessary?

We’ve seen the alternative. We’re living in it. A world where we rarely stop and listen to ourselves, let alone each other. Where people are hurting all around us yet afraid to talk about it. Afraid of what happens if we stop while the world moves on.

Is this the world we want? Are these the relationships you want?


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