Sharing – How to Make the Most of Online Therapy

I know this is something many of you are dealing with, or looking at starting, and I wanted to share this article for this reason.

“The pandemic has highlighted an important fact about teletherapy: It’s a highly effective, invaluable alternative to in-person sessions. Even as states reopen and therapists return to their offices, many clients may prefer to stick to their virtual sessions because of the convenience—or do a mix of in-person and online appointments.

As such, we asked mental health practitioners to share how we can make the most of teletherapy. Below, you’ll find tips on everything from essential questions to explore between sessions to effective technical adjustments to ensure a smooth appointment. “

Some of the stuff they recommended is actually pretty important to think about. Things like creating a private space, and a transition to your therapy time so you have time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for it, usually happen naturally when we are going to therapy, but might not be now. Other things, like being fully present and not multitasking, are, similarly, things that happen naturally when going to therapy, but we might be tempted to do since we are sitting at home, with the laundry right in front of us, or if you’re doing online therapy with a laptop, those email and social media notifications may be popping up.

All of that takes away from the work you are trying to do during a session. Don’t allow that. Think about what you can do to make it more effective. This article is a start.

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