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Sharing – What It’s Really Like To Be A Male Victim Of Rape

I’m highlighting this quote because I want to make a note of what the article below is about while also providing a bit of a warning. The contents might be challenging to read for some.

“One thing that really needs to be said is that it’s OK to admit you’ve been assaulted and get help. According to RAINN, 10 percent of U.S. sexual assault victims are males, and I can tell you that the stats are too low. Most men who become victims won’t report it, partially because, like me, they were told never to show weakness and never be a victim.”

I applaud Rachel for writing an honest piece with direct quotes from male survivors and experts in the field. As a male survivor, I appreciate the honesty while also acknowledging the difficulty in reading about gender confusion, sexual fetishes, arousal, and relationship issues that can be crippling in the aftermath of sexual violence.

Men need to hear these stories too. We need to know that various issues stem from being sexually violated that are similar to non-male victims and yet not the same.

Most of all, we need to understand how common male rape is and that we are not alone in being victims.

That message gets lost in all of the messages about how we are supposed to be strong and not be victims far too often, even if it is the truth.

Please be thoughtful about the content before you click over to read. But consider that we don’t know how many men have been victims, and we are only starting to understand the impacts because we’ve spent so long assuming it wasn’t that bad for male victims. That needs to stop.

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