BBC CiN Spring ’20 Team-Up With Comic Relief

One event that we didn’t comment on during the height of the initial Pandemic lockdown last spring was the fact that the annual BBC Children in Need (CiN) Telethon shifted from November back to 23rd April to join forces with the Spring Telethon Comic Relief (or Sport Relief in alternate years). The initial “night” of fundraising shrunk down to a three hour show that raised UKP 27million for NHS Charities. the other UKP 40million was split between the two umbrellas with all the money staying in the UK.

The British Government pledged to match donations for the team-up night so at least in future we can safely round up and call it over UKP 70million although that technically remains an unofficial figure. The Big Night In website is here: and UK Text Donations can be submitted until 23.59 on 1st June 2021 if you feel like splitting any customary donation.

There is going to be a full CiN Only night in the customary November setting, on Friday 13th November. The newest link for the CiN site is here: and of course it remains to be seen how the night will fare considering the double dipping of earlier in the year and Captain to Colonel Sir Tom Moore’s record breaking UKP 33-39million fundraiser capturing the public’s imagination during late spring to summer 2020, culminating in the launch of his foundation at the start of the week. That foundation story is here: and the total of donations to NHS Charities together is a rolling total so will only be properly measured most likely at the end of the financial year.

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