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Sharing – Toxic Childhood? 10 Lessons You Must Unlearn in Adulthood

I found this entire article to be really interesting, because what child abuse survivor doesn’t struggle with this exact thing in one form or another?

“The hardest part of recovering from a toxic childhood isn’t just coping with the fact that your emotional needs weren’t met or that you were actively neglected or even marginalized, dismissed, or made to feel less than; it’s coming to terms with the lessons about life and relationship you internalized and the maladaptive coping mechanisms you developed”

I can see a number of things in the article below that were true for me. “Lessons” I took away from my childhood that weren’t useful as an adult, because they weren’t really true, like thinking there was something wrong with me to cause this to happen. Or that I couldn’t trust anyone, or that I needed to never show any emotion that might make anyone think I was weak.

None of those is a belief that helps me be successful as an adult, yet they were, for many years, an ingrained part of my own view of life, and myself.

It takes time to unlearn these things, but doing so is a crucial part of healing.

What beliefs are hurting you as an adult?

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