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Link – What to Say (and Not to Say) to Someone Grieving a Suicide

As I’ve seen with some folks who have said things in the wake of my wife losing her parents this year, there are a few things you shouldn’t say, but once you’ve learned those, please do this:

While it can be tricky to know what to say to a suicide loss survivor, it is much better to reach out than to hold back out of fear of saying the wrong thing. A simple note, a simple gesture, can make a huge difference. “It was not your fault” is something many suicide loss survivors need to hear over and over and over again, as is “You are not alone.”

People grieving, people dealing with a mental health issue, and abuse survivors, all need to hear this. Over and over. But you need to be there to tell them, not cowering in fear of saying the wrong thing. So read articles like this one, and show up.

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