Assault Victim who Named Attackers in Contempt of KY Juvenile Court Faces Potential Jail

A 17 year old girl from Louisville, Kentucky who named her attackers on Twitter after they distributed pictures of themselves assaulting her when passed out, now faces jail herself for violating the confidentiality order passed by the judge prior to sentencing. We are not naming her because we’re not contributing to hers or her parents’ wishes for extended media coverage.

Whilst she is unrepentant and will most likely be hailed a hero by some quarters of the media, this case shows that the no revenge is worth putting yourself in jail if you have experienced sexual abuse at any age, even if it’s glamourised in fiction with a lack of consequences. Under state law, the judge could still impose any sentence they saw fit, regardless of any pre-arranged plea deal or sentencing report (the sentence with the plea remains unreported). Twitter however, rewards impatience and those who choose to disregard printed paper laws as shown by the case of a British soccer player last year.

When all three teens are sentenced from the end of next month at the earliest, we’ll update this story with the two judgements. For now, the British Daily Mail report is here and their story links to the original Courier-Journal.com report at the end. If there are any issues with the secondary link then it’s here.


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  1. Interestingly, it now appears that the lawyer for the accused boys has moved to cancel the contempt charge against her, because the new found media attention from their own filing has caused the names to be known much further and wider than her tweet ever could have hoped. Yet another person who missed the lessons of the Streisand Effect.

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