Practice Setting Boundaries

Survivors struggling to set, and maintain, boundaries is something that comes up often. I know it comes up in many of our conversations during the #SexAbuseChat on Twitter. Let’s face it, we didn’t have healthy boundaries growing up, and were likely never shown any examples of healthy boundaries along the way. So how would we know unless we spend the time and effort to do so as adults?

Well, if this is something you are working on, (and really, who isn’t?), I thought this article might have some interesting points to make:

13 Easy Phrases That Will Help You Set Healthy Boundaries

I like the fact that they not only offer concrete things to say but also some background on how to define your own boundaries and what that means. I know for many survivors, we have to first address the core issue, the elephant in the room, before we can start the practice, so let me just go ahead and say that:

You deserve to set your own boundaries.

Full stop. Let that sink in, let it rattle around in your brain, keep reading it until you believe that about yourself.

Then, go take a look at the practical examples of doing that.

What boundaries do you struggle with? What has helped you do better at maintaining them?

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