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“A few months ago we put out the call to our community asking what they wish had happened in the wake of their abuse.
We read each email and felt the pain, the anger, the frustration, the sadness.  The loss. We decided to use their words to help parents and other adults understand what a vital role they can play in a child’s ability to heal after sexual abuse.
Many parents think the worst case scenario is their child disclosing the fact that they’ve been the victim of sexual abuse.
We disagree.
The worst case scenario is your child is abused, and they never tell you.”

This is powerful stuff. Not only the original story that inspired this project, but also the resulting responses. So many survivors have told me over the years about the people who didn’t believe them, and the people who have shunned them for telling the truth about what happened to them, and it’s awful every single time I read it.

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