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Sharing – What Is the Best Way to Deliver a Thank-You?

There’s some interesting research here, but I think the message we want to get out is this:

“Overall, however, the message is that we shouldn’t fret about finding just the “right” way to express our gratitude. In fact, you’re probably better off sending a quick thank-you today than waiting for an occasion to schedule an in-person visit. You can take heart in the fact that many of gratitude’s benefits can be attained regardless of how you send the message.”

I’d rephrase their language a bit. Instead of waiting for the “best” time to say thank you in the best way, it’s far more important to just say it however you can. I would much rather get a quick text expressing gratitude than potentially not get anything because so much time has passed.

I don’t think I’m alone in that.

So worry less about “how”, and just make sure that you actually say thank you!

And, you get the benefits to yourself of having expressed gratitude to another person. Why would we wait on that?

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