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Sharing – When You’re Depressed Being in Someone Else’s Presence is Powerful

If you know someone dealing with depression, this is important to know.

When my depression hits hardest and the suicidal thoughts swarm my mind and I don’t feel safe in my own skin, there is nothing more powerful or meaningful to me than someone just sitting with me. Knowing that someone else is there makes me feel safe, loved and just breaks so many of the chains my depression is binding me to. The mere presence of someone else defies depression in and of itself. It forces isolation out of the room. It forces the lies to move over and make room for the truth, that there are people that care and that you are not alone to consume space instead. It forces a feeling of safety when all depression wants you to feel is insecure. Someone showing up is a bright ray of light in a place that is so dark and desolate. It forces hope into the conversation.

Notice that Sky doesn’t ask anyone to “fix” the problem.

Just. Show. Up.

The Power of Someone Else’s Presence When You’re Depressed

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