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Link – Cognitive Healing from Childhood Abuse

Cognitive dissonance is real, and we see the results of it every day. But, if we want to heal from child abuse, we have to deal with it:

One challenge of recovery from childhood abuse lies in this cognitive dissonance between what an abused child comes to believe as true and the truth of the broader world. I believe cognitive healing happens when a person changes and modifies those beliefs derived from unhealthy, abusive pasts and realize harmony through present-day experiences and updated beliefs.

The article below goes into some of the things we may believe about ourselves or the world, growing up with abuse, which also aren’t true. Things like “I’m unlovable, or stupid”

This is not easy stuff. We like our beliefs. We cling to our beliefs. We need look no further than the myriad political arguments on social media for proof that people will ignore even hard facts in order to hang on to the things they believe because it’s uncomfortable to try and adjust their own outlook and belief systems. Yet, for survivors, we simply have to do this if we want to truly live as adults. Struggle with it, work through it.

This is worth the discomfort.

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